After kicking up a storm in the B2B sector, D&J decided to bring their expertise of Italian design and tailoring directly to the end customer. That knowledge fused with a uniquely Indian sense of luxury, which has evolved from the times of emperors and kings into our DNA, is how D&J: The Avenue was born.

First opened in 2014, The Avenue is nestled amidst the bustling and ever-changing quarter of Parel, Mumbai. At the soul of The Avenue is the legacy of D&J and at the core of it is a mission to provide a unique shopping experience to the discerning gentleman who knows he deserves the best. With the best international fabrics, fine craftsmanship and impeccably tailored clothes, The Avenue is one of a kind in its services. Walk into the store to get a first-hand experience of global grade custom tailoring and clothes that give you an edge over everyone else.

So dedicated are we towards maintaining a high standard of quality and bringing home that inimitable Italian craftsmanship that The Avenue has its trademark registered in Italy!


Every item of clothing begins with an idea. We believe that the process of turning that idea into reality is a collaborative journey to be taken with the wearer. This is why, you become a key part of every step of the process. Together, by the end of this process, we will have crafted an outfit immaculate in its tailoring and unique in its beauty – nothing short of a work of art.

An appointment is booked with our experts. Together, you brainstorm and exchange ideas on the design, the colours, the fabrics, the detailing, etc. Make sure you book an appointment 30 days before the desired date of delivery.

Once the basics have been locked down, your measurements will be taken.

After we have your measurements, our craftsmen will start working on crafting custom patterns from scratch. This means, that every detail of your outfit is unique and unmatched by anyone else.

This is your first glimpse into what your outfit will look like. But more importantly, the first trial is for you to get a feel of the fit, as well as note any alterations.

Changes from the first trial are incorporated. Linings, finishing and additional details are added. The outfit is almost ready for final touches.

This is the much-anticipated stage where you get to see and try the final outcome of this bespoke process!



Fabric is the canvas through which we can express our artistry. So, it’s extremely crucial that our fabrics be nothing less than superior. We specialize in 100% wool, 100% Supima cotton, high twist T/R and T/R- Polyester fabrics which are further tailored into styles that are classic as well as contemporary. We house a wide range of Italian fabrics that create the perfect silhouettes for suiting, blazers and trousers for every occasion – from business to special moments.


No two bodies are the same, so why should their clothes be identical? Every fabric and tailoring look different on different people, and that alone can make or break your entire aesthetic. Through our Custom Tailoring service, in a state of art workshop, we ensure that your outfits are crafted to perfection keeping your needs in mind. The end result is a piece of clothing that drapes around your body like second skin.


Meet the man who weaves poetry into fabrics through his marvellous designs and creativity. Vikas Rathod is our fashion and design consultant. Hailing from a long line of bespoke tailors, the passion of design and meticulous attention to every detail in tailoring come naturally to him. He can visualise the most unique designs that will appeal to the modern man’s sensibilities. He also lends his stellar expertise to contemporary English theatre as well as notable Indian celebrities. He adds a touch of distinct style and glamour to the wardrobe of every man who walks into our store. Have an idea? Trust Vikas to make it a reality.


Get your style inspiration from the best!

Take a peek at some of India’s favourite celebrities looking their stylish best in Don & Julio




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